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How your career at ER Management could develop


Your Team Experience

Our list of staffing, trainees and others are steadily increasing over time with tens of daily interest indicated for our services. We remain one of leading organisations when it comes to career development, couching and mentoring across the UK.

Working in partnership with professional management consultants, accountants, insurers, solicitors, training providers and more, we have apprenticeships available to suit all needs and have successfully helped apprentices achieve qualifications, accreditations, healthcare registrations, business administration/management, customer service, recruitment resourcing and strategic marketing.

Development paths

With a track record of progression and home grown success stories throughout the business, here’s a guide to just three of our defined career paths you’ll have access to.

Recruitment career path

Joining us as a resourcer or trainee recruitment consultant, you will work alongside our experienced recruitment consultants who will share their knowledge with you. Our team specialise in sourcing of skills and potentials and couching them on the job training working with your consultant to place them into healthcare positions or training roles.

With bespoke training programmes, regular feedback and coaching you can expect to hit your targets and continuously move up our career development framework, taking you to the next level and beyond.



Business development path

Joining our business team, you will work with our business consultants within a defined geographical area to develop your skills and maintain relationships with existing clients and to win new business.

We train the selected individuals to the deliver the programme in order to strengthen and develop the existing knowledge and skills of acquired. After training, we support them with follow-up, couching alongside ongoing consultation.

Working collaboratively with our business consultants, we will help to shape the future of your business skills. With targets to meet and a bespoke training plan to support you, your success will be rewarded as you move up the career development framework.

Compliance career path

Joining as a compliance officer in our compliance team offers the perfect balance of utilising administrative and customer service skills.

You’ll focus on ensuring that our candidates are always fully compliant, prepared to start their role and feel well supported.

As business grow, so do the workload, and responsibilities for the staff and management. This comes with bigger opportunities, rewards and the potential to develop new skills and qualifications. Hence, ERM position to bridge the gad by supporting you and your organisation to enable you combine our evidence-based practices with your organisation’s policies and procedures to ensure that the training is consistent with your practices within your organisation.


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