Manager Outsourcing

You can now take a break knowing your Job is in a safe hand


The expertise, abilities and ambition of skilled and experienced leaders are invaluable to your organisation.

Our Executive Search team consists of industry experts with decades of experience in retained, executive search – an offering distinct from our mainstream recruitment business. We will discuss your needs with you before mutually deciding on the best consultant to work with you.

Together, we’ll secure high-achieving individuals who will navigate your organisation in a more complex world of work.

  • Navigate organisational change by finding inspirational leaders within the sector.
  • Empower business transformation and steer your organisation to success with exceptional executive hires.
  • Build success through diversity with bespoke job ads and transparent interview processes.
  • Our jobs includes filling in for managers and business owners to take a break whilst maintaining high quality services
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We support trusts in the following ways:

  • Provision of multi-disciplinary consultant led teams
  • Triage and clinical assessment of patients
  • Clinically appropriate diagnostics and treatment
  • Onward referral or discharge
  • Follow up appointments
  • Administration for each episode
  • Delivery within your hospital setting
  • A wide range of specialities and flexible options are available

Our experienced teams work in partnership with your trust to manage the patient pathway end to end. We can provide teams for weekends, evenings or full 7-day services to complement and extend your existing capacity.

If you would like to talk through your options and find out more about insourcing or request a meeting to discuss how we can help, please email us

There’s more

Administrative Mgt

Offering instant impact, contractors are invaluable to any organisation pursuing growth, efficiency or innovation, without the commitment of increasing permanent headcount. But your population of pre-identified or referred workers requires close management to reduce the risk of misclassification or spiralling costs.

Outsource the administration of your contractors to a dedicated workforce solutions partner and unlock the potential of your organisation’s greatest asset: people.

A meticulous approach

With a robust compliance framework in place, we’ll conduct detailed background screening and validate Employment Status. We’ll ensure your contractors are compliant and engaged.

Payroll Management

The location, source and classification of your coordinators or managers can cause complexity when it comes to payment. Combining local expertise and global scale, we’ll create a streamlined payroll system to ensure timely and accurate payments are made to your contractors. Making the complicated, uncomplicated.