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As Organisations are increasingly turning to non-permanent professionals to inject the innovation, agility and creativity needed to secure growth in a more complex world of work.

But as the rate of engagement accelerates, so too does the challenge of identifying the right channels to access emerging skills, engaging the right suppliers, conveying the right message to attract and retain the expertise needed and ensuring visibility and compliance across your organisation.

With a market-leading Managed Service Programme (MSP) in place, we’ll unlock access to the skills and expertise you need, transforming these challenges into a source of competitive advantage.


Skills and expertise

Our omnichannel sourcing strategy unlocks access to the vast network of skills you need to power success. Guided by a wealth of data and insights, we’ll make intelligent decisions about your talent function, together. Build a more agile and effective workforce with simple, swift and secure access to a network of non-permanent talent. 

Improved capacity and capability

Change is inevitable. But a reactive approach risks your organisation being left behind. We continuously monitor changing market trends, predict your evolving needs and build relationships with suppliers to ensure access to the skills you need, when you need them.

Unparalleled Experience

Your success is at the heart of our business. When you partner with Hays, we take the time to understand your ambitions and challenges. Equipped with the tools, technology and market insights specific to your industry, we’re committed to providing a quality experience to every stakeholder in your organisation.

Data-Driven Decisions

With a wealth of insights from across the globe, we are best placed to position you for success. Whether it’s leveraging data to explore the availability of niche or emerging skillsets, defining the risk associated with specific sourcing channels or advising on the best methods of engagement, we’ll make better decisions together.

Our Experience in Healthcare & Benefits

We bring the people, the technology and the partnerships you need to meet the ever-evolving demands of the healthcare industry. Find out how our specialist recruiters in healthcare can help you achieve your goals, now and in the future

Our specialist recruiters in healthcare have an in-depth knowledge of the sector, so they can source the very best talent for your roles.

  • We work with several healthcare organisations, trusts and providers.
  • We source talent to fill numerous healthcare roles, with suitable skills.
  • We have the scale, insight and deep understanding in healthcare to help shape your required demands.
  • Using a customer-first and data-driven approach to meet your business needs within healthcare, we make it easy for you to deliver against the complex talent and recruitment landscape you need to navigate.

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