Our story

How we affect futures and support careers and services that matter


Experts in Effective Management

ERM is established by UK’s finest resource managers from around the world. We focus on skills identification, training, empowering, outsourcing, internship, recruitment and management of human resources and healthcare structures.

As demands has grown, so has our reputation nationwide for both government and private healthcare sectors. Today, we’re proudly one of UK’s fasting growing & leading healthcare consultancy firm with a well-defined frameworks that support many private healthcare organisations.

Recruitment Services

We often talk about affecting futures. Healthcare isn’t just another industry. And being a healthcare professional isn’t just another job. ERM is proud to present itself as a team of qualified professionals with multiple skills that allows US take an eclectic approach to all our clients, employees and trainees.

Our clients and candidates affect futures – and by supporting them, so do we. Our support is at the heart of our communities, saving and changing lives, every day by taking the responsibility of tutoring, mentoring and serving the communities as privilege we never forget.


Training & Development

Training and development involve improving the effectiveness of persons, teams and organizations within a sector. We at ERM often view the above topic as affecting the futures of the community and this is can only be achieve through effective management. For us, Healthcare isn’t just another industry nor healthcare profession just another job.

At ERM we’re proud to present a team of qualified couches, trainers professionals and experienced team mates who through their vast skills and experience in the field of healthcare uses a well structured framework of eclectic approach to make the positive impacts on all clients, employees and trainees.

Our Values
Our values are sown deep in the DNA of your daily success.


Honourable in principles, intentions, and actions


Organised, Experienced and Represent what we Couch


We’re goal driven and out for Efficiency & Effectiveness


Promoting Confidence and Professional Competency

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