About us

Proudly supporting the people at the forefront of our health services every day


Leaders in Healthcare marketing, recruitment & Consultancy

Business Benefits

Improve Safety & Effective Services
ERM consultancy services prides itself as one of UK’s finest firm that specialises in supporting new and existing business, individuals and organisations aiming to improve their services through our effective management, business development, training, assessments and internship framework designed to ensure a safer workplace for all.

Quality Performance and Better Outcomes
We also specialise in supporting individuals, groups and managers to reaching their full potentials through individual or organisational development, training, couching and mentoring. Our framework is such that allow us work with the clients in identifying skills required in preventing workplace crisis, reduces staff burnout and increases feelings of safety and job satisfaction. By reducing conflict or crisis situations, it increases staff confidence and improves outcomes for the people you support.

Affecting futures: our story

Set up in 2023, we’ve become one of the UK’s leading healthcare providers, recruiters, coach, consultancy services, resource managements amongst many other services we can provide.

But as we’ve grown, our guiding principles and values haven’t changed. We do what we do because we’re proud to affect futures – the futures of healthcare services, their patients and healthcare professionals – every day.

Find out more about our story, and the values that have driven our success.


Meet the team

Behind every success story is a team of hardworking people whom have dedicated their time to explore ways of working smart inorder to produce your desired dream. We’re a broad mix of personalities, all committed to the same, vital goals of helping healthcare professionals and organisations to thrive.

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Our Responsibilities

We’re really passionate about supporting everything that can make the healthcare sector the leading industry in the world by ensuring the safety of our society we live in.

ERM is the perfect atmosphere for all professionals hoping to begin a career or improve their personal work skills in health, social care and education.  We’re known to deliver nothing less than the best